IPA: zˈiɫʌsɫi


  • Like a zealot; with zealotry.

Examples of "zealously" in Sentences

  • Mallis argued his firm represented Lawrence "zealously" for 22 years.
  • Dave, it appeared, had taken up the idea zealously, and had persuaded her to go with him.
  • But even Italian has zealously adopted relax to refer to lifestyle options, idyllic vacation rentals, hotel facilities, and downtime with friends.
  • He was zealously intent on his mission: to spread the gospel.1 To that end, he translated sections of the New Testament into a number of African tongues, including Swahili.
  • Khadr's attorney, a lieutenant colonel, stressed that he would "zealously" question officers during the trial and immediately sought to introduce doubt into the case against the defendant.
  • Like Republicans who eagerly wrap themselves in the mantle of her contemporary and political soul mate, Ronald Reagan, many Conservatives here still invoke her name and zealously defend her reputation and legacy as arguably Britain's most dominant prime minister of the 20th century after Winston Churchill.

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