zip fastener

IPA: zˈɪpfæsʌnɝ


  • A fastener used in clothing, bags, etc, comprised of two rows of teeth that are made to fit into each other by moving a slider along their length and opened again by moving the slider in the other direction.
  • A pressure-sensitive plastic closure.


IPA: zˈɪpfˈæsʌnɝ


  • a fastener for locking together two toothed edges by means of a sliding tab

Examples of "zip-fastener" in Sentences

  • The zip-fastener of a mouth softened into what, in view of his next words, I correctly interpreted in advance as being a nostalgic smile.
  • It was, Bradley told himself, very much like watching a zip-fastener being pulled open - except that the teeth of the zipper had the most extraordinary shapes.
  • Thanks to the 'zip-fastener' bonding of the nano-structure, the effects of abrasion on the insert are minimal and any tendency for 'thermal comb' cracks to develop are resisted.
  • He was a short, powerfully built character, fifty-five I would have guessed, with a heavily-tanned jowled face, close-cropped iron-grey hair with tufted eyebrows to match, long straight nose and a mouth that looked as if it had been closed with a zip-fastener.

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