zip gun

IPA: zˈɪpgˈʌn


  • (firearms) A crude homemade weapon that fires a projectile.
  • (astronautics) An EVA astronaut space maneuvering propulsion unit, a handheld gas jet device, connected to a reservoir.

Examples of "zip-gun" in Sentences

  • German kids have a new zip-gun: the potato-bazooka.
  • A homemade "zip-gun" was found at the scene afterwards, he said.
  • Annihilation Time burps its hardcore zip-gun metal out of Oakland, Calif.
  • Oh, and obviously, the songs were pretty terrific too: "21st Century Breakdown" spanned several changes but was always focused and crowd-uniting, "Hitching A Ride" thundered along and eventually broke into a fiery crescendo, "She" was zip-gun speedy, and "Brain Stew/Jaded" started crunchy and static, stretched into a lengthy jam (complete with water/T-shirt cannon interlude), then came rifling home at a breakneck pace.

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