IPA: zˈɪpoʊ


  • A reusable lighter.
  • (military, slang) A boat, tank, etc. equipped with flamethrowers.


  • (slang) To light on fire.
  • Alternative spelling of zippo [(slang) To light on fire.]


  • (slang) None whatsoever

Examples of "zippo" in Sentences

  • Tips range from generous to zippo.
  • Checked google scholar as well zippo.
  • Here is a link to genuine zippo fluid.
  • I own a zippo and it burns with a wick.
  • I do not write books about zippo lighters.
  • I suggest we move this article to Zippo tank.
  • Tweedy joined Zippos Circus as a promotional clown.
  • A zippo is one of the fire starters I always carry.
  • I emailed the admin with the details and, so far, zippo.
  • I get zippo on that, both in GBooks and on the web as a whole.
  • One of the recognizable features of Zippo is the fact that it burns with a wick.
  • Find a good Deal on "zippo" lighters modify Them to Fit a "stripped" thumb Drive DIY Live
  • When the tip breaks off without lighting, my zippo lights the match that in turn gets the flame under the tinder.
  • It started for me before work, worked normally, but after work ... nada, nothing, zippo, dead in the water, a heavy, shiny paperweight.
  • There had not been many villages there to begin with, and by the time Williams arrived, most of them had vanished, casualties of the so called "zippo" Marine battalions.
  • OK, the new field and stream has a big survival article. do you think the magazine is going towards more and more of these stori would you guys reccomend a zippo in a survival situation.

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