zoom in

IPA: zˈumɪn


  • (intransitive) To increase the focal length of a zoom lens in order to obtain a magnified image, or a close-up.
  • (intransitive) To manipulate a display (such as a computer screen) so as to make the image larger.

Examples of "zoom-in" in Sentences

  • The zoom-in function is my favorite part of the e-reader experience.
  • A zoom-in on the screen showed Wednesday's date displayed in the corner.
  • Imagine the zoom-in close up of a shoulder tattoo, proclaiming "Thug for Life."
  • When in strange (to us) new towns or cities, I used the zoom-in feature a good deal.
  • The cool part now is that NASA hasn't used any upscaling or magical infinite zoom-in filter from CSI.
  • Either of the students might have stepped out of a fable of the early republic, and such young patriots far outnumbered the exotics and agitators paraded before us on zoom-in videos and in sinuous jottings.
  • Stylistically, Vertigo features some of Hitchcock's most expressionistic work; the film includes the famous zoom-in/track-out shot, also known as the "trombone shot" (and later appropriated by Steven Spielberg for Jaws), which gives the impression of both moving toward and away from the subject simultaneously.

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