IPA: ʌbˈɑm

Root Word: A-bomb


  • (slang) An atomic bomb; a weapon that derives its energy from nuclear reactions and has enormous destructive power.


  • (slang) To bomb with an atom bomb.

Examples of "a-bomb" in Sentences

  • FDR also, for all intents and purposes, GAVE the a-bomb to the Russians.
  • Can you explain why was there discrimination against the a-bomb survivors?
  • Truman dropped the a-bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasakian arguably horrendous act with the intention of ending WWII.
  • You can't even imagine that having an a-bomb dropped in your lap is less persuasive than being isolatied and marginalized.
  • However, Obama made no mention of Israel's undeclared nuclear weapons arsenal or for that matter, the secret a-bomb programs of U.S.
  • There only choice is picking up the pieces of that kitchen sink used in the primaries. but Keating Five a-bomb will be waiting in wing.
  • Jonathan Blow himself has said that people are focusing too much on that one quote in the epilogue and that the a-bomb interpretation was not what he intended.
  • A seeming good guy has just detonated an a-bomb in an effort to show who's boss, and while the fallout's blowing a little north our lead character Matt is in a kind of deep blue funk wandering the lost world of Manhattan.

Examples of "abomb" in Sentences

  • An fer a song, I prezent teh 90′s abom…abomb…nitemare ov “I just wanna fly”.
  • As soon as the first abomb from Iran goes off -- iran will be No big surprises here really, are there?
  • Would the administration have followed ordinary procedure against him, had it known he was en route to Oklahoma City with abomb?
  • We then went to a shopping mall to pick up some booze, even though she was still telling me how much she hated me and abomb went off.
  • “It just seems stupid that failure to change your clothes constitutes a bomb hoax, when there was no intent to make others think you had abomb.”
  • There's a lot of tension in the abomb crew (Alison, Alana, Katie, Karen, Sara, and me) and everyone is plotting someone else's death over various things.
  • She was seriously injured in the gun shots that wasfollowedby abomb attack that killed 20 others and she succumbed to injuries later in the Rawalpindi General Hospital.
  • Smart money Warren Buffet predicts an abomb will explode in NYC within ten years; if one is available for NYC, one will be available for the Van Allen Belt over the central US.
  • If Israel or the West had any guts they would have dropped abomb right on this guys head as he was being honored by the President of Lebannon and Nasrallah, that low life scum who is the head of Hizzbolah.

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