IPA: ʌoʊkˈeɪ

Root Word: A-okay


  • (colloquial) In perfect order; thoroughly acceptable.

Examples of "a-okay" in Sentences

  • We're a-okay with missing you because you're writing.
  • I will pretend that we didn't miss our flight and pretend that everything is a-okay!
  • Then, when she doesn't find it (surprise?), she insists that everything will be a-okay.
  • With the midterm elections just over two weeks away, it seems like a good time to review exactly what things the GOP is a-okay with: Emailing bestiality porn?
  • He was a-okay enough in my book that, on the day he snapped my underwear while I was on shift, I was willing to write it off as playfulness, and believed him when he said that he had just seen a tag and tugged on it, because he thought it belonged to my shirt, not my panties.
  • We're also progressive, and don't think that various non-traditional family permutations are poisoning society. 70% of Millenials favor gay marriage, 94% are fine with or a fan of interracial marriage, 77% think pre-marital cohabitation is a-okay, 65% have no problem with gay couples raising children, and 73% think the world is the same or better when mothers of young children work outside the home.

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