a team

IPA: ʌtim

Root Word: A team


  • (sports) The best of a set of teams in a single club.
  • (informal) The group or team which performs its work most effectively; a very good team.
  • (cricket, rugby) A country's reserve team or development squad, comprising the best players not selected in the national team.


IPA: ʌtˈim

Root Word: A-team


  • Alternative form of A team [(sports) The best of a set of teams in a single club.]

Examples of "a-team" in Sentences

  • Retroqqq test screening? when is a-team getting one? gah
  • So… people were actually hurt making this new a-team movie?
  • Reply you just know that Zidane would have been in the a-team
  • Wanted, meets a-team, meets smokin aces, meets the expendables…
  • I hope to god this is good. my brother and me used to worship the a-team when we were little. jason b
  • I´m not sayin´ that a-team will be associated with next year´s oscars, but I´ll give it a shot at the movies.
  • Incredibly fat Mr T lookalike parted the crowd like an a-team moses to get to the front, pushing everybody out of his way.
  • Why don't they just leave 80s TV shows alone? johnnie i think ur on drugs if you dont like the a-team and for satying that the game has something to offer.
  • Mon 10/26/09 1: 43 AM just so everyone knows, there is filming information listed at beforethetrailer. com for a-team!! if anyone has information, they can also share with the site
  • If the federal government guarantees the annual income of each qualified family doctor that heads a-team of two nurse practitioners, a nutritionist/diabetes educator and a mental health social worker, commercial interest will be expelled from the world of primary care.

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