IPA: trɪpʌɫˈeɪ

Root Word: AAA


  • (medicine) Initialism of abdominal aortic aneurysm.
  • (organic chemistry) Initialism of aromatic amino acid.
  • (military) Initialism of anti-aircraft artillery.
  • (psychology) Initialism of animal-assisted activity.
  • Initialism of advanced acoustic array.
  • Initialism of Access Approval Authority.
  • Initialism of accumulated adjustments account, in US Federal Income Tax
  • Initialism of adaptive array antenna.
  • Initialism of airborne assault area.
  • Initialism of aircraft alert area.
  • Initialism of airport airspace analysis.
  • Initialism of angle angle angle, a geometric proof
  • Initialism of arrival and assembly area.
  • Initialism of astronaut-actuated abort.
  • Initialism of attitude, awareness and accountability, a ski safety program [The position of the body or way of carrying oneself.]
  • Initialism of authentication, authorization and accounting. [something which validates or confirms the authenticity of something]
  • Initialism of automated airlift analysis.
  • Initialism of administration, authorization, and authentication, in software security [(uncountable) The act of administering; government of public affairs; the service rendered, or duties assumed, in conducting affairs; the conducting of any office or employment; direction.]
  • Initialism of AEGIS acquisition agent.
  • Initialism of aerospace engineering, applied mechanics, and aviation. [(engineering) The primary branch of engineering concerned with the research, design, development, construction, testing, science, and technology of aircraft and spacecraft.]
  • Initialism of air avenue of approach.
  • Initialism of airborne array aperture.
  • Initialism of allocations, assessments, and analysis.
  • Initialism of alternate assembly area.
  • Initialism of authorization accounting activity; authorized accounting activity.
  • Initialism of Acquisition Approval Authority.
  • (US, historical, law) Initialism of Agricultural Adjustment Act.
  • (US, historical, law) Initialism of Agricultural Adjustment Administration.
  • (US) Initialism of American Anthropological Association.
  • Initialism of Abortion Assistance Association.
  • Initialism of All American Aviation.
  • Initialism of Allegheny Airlines.
  • (UK, art, historical) Initialism of Allied Artists Association.
  • Initialism of Allied Artists of America.
  • Initialism of American Abstract Artists.
  • (historical) Initialism of American Academy of Allergy; now the AAAAI.
  • Initialism of American Academy of Actuaries.
  • Initialism of American Academy of Advertising.
  • Initialism of American Accordionists' Association.
  • Initialism of American Accounting Association.
  • Initialism of American Airship Association.
  • Initialism of American Ambulance Association.
  • Initialism of American Antarctic Association.
  • Initialism of American Arbitration Association.
  • Initialism of American Association for Anatomy.
  • Initialism of American Astronomers Association.
  • Initialism of American Australian Association.
  • (US, automotive) Initialism of American Automobile Association.
  • Initialism of Access All Areas, Sony music project.
  • (US, historical) Initialism of Actors and Artistes of America; now the AAAA or 4As.
  • Initialism of Agricultural Aviation Association.
  • Initialism of Agricultural Adjustment Association.
  • (England) Initialism of Amateur Athletic Association of England.
  • Initialism of Antique Airplane Association.
  • Initialism of Appraisers Association of America.
  • Initialism of Archives of American Art.
  • Initialism of Association of Accounting Administrators.
  • Initialism of Association of Average Adjusters.
  • Initialism of Armenian Assembly of America.
  • Initialism of Argentine Anticommunist Alliance.
  • Initialism of ANSI Artists of America.
  • Initialism of Area-Agency on Aging.
  • Initialism of Army Athletic Association.
  • (US, dated)Initialism of Army Audit Agency; more commonly the USAAA.
  • Initialism of Associated Agents of America.
  • (dated) Initialism of Australian Association of Accountants.
  • (Australia, automotive) Initialism of Australian Automobile Association.
  • (medicine) Initialism of acquired aplastic anemia.
  • (medicine) Initialism of acute anxiety attack.
  • (medicine) Initialism of amalgam. [(metallurgy) An alloy containing mercury.]
  • (medicine) Initialism of androgenic anabolic agent.

Examples of "aaa" in Sentences

  • AAA is gonna be so pissed at me.
  • Originally given the name by AAA.
  • Mac's AAA midget hockey tournament.
  • Surely the same is true of the AAAS.
  • Louis played for the AAA junior lions.
  • Hemodynamics affect the development of AAA.
  • An AAA may remain asymptomatic indefinitely.
  • AAA is not a charity and it is not tax exempt.
  • Search the text file for a line with the content "aaa".
  • The President of the AAAS serves as the Chairperson of the Council.
  • Surgery for an abdominal aortic aneurysm is known as AAA surgery or AAA repair.
  • You don't have one neuron that represents 'aaa' and another that represents 'eee'.
  • Obama has proven he is an overly eager "aaa" player who will jump the shark and miss pitches.
  • Concurrently, A.M. Best has affirmed the debt rating of "aaa" on the company's medium-term note program and the AM.-1+ on the commercial paper program of USAA Capital Corp.
  • OLDWICK, N.J. - (Business Wire) A.M. Best Co. has affirmed the financial strength rating of A++ (Superior) and issuer credit ratings of "aaa" of The Northwestern M.tual Life Insurance Company (Northwestern M.tual) and its subsidiary,
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