IPA: ˈɛr

Root Word: Aare


  • Alternative form of Aar [A river in Switzerland, flowing 292 km from the glaciers of the Bernese Alps into the Rhine at Koblenz, on the Swiss–German border.]

Examples of "aare" in Sentences

  • In previous aeras, it was the floodplain of the Aare and is thus swampy.
  • The use more oil in a day than all but 35 countries (CIA REPORT) there aare 210.
  • Taht Maclean song iz hy upon teh liszt ob grateness adn yerz aare full ob clebbur.
  • I always took it as you aare a mommy who is bored (not as being bored of being a mommy).
  • And Merry merry Christmas, I know you aare stressed-out right now because your creation, Twilight, is a sure hit now a days.
  • But knowing who the readers aare and what they like to read might help me pick what story-ideas might be the best one to pursue.
  • We are still going to get crappy hollywood films, we aare still going to get crappy superhero comic book movies, they still will not utilize IMAX.
  • Blu-ray's players aare comming down to the point where price isn't as big of a factor, besides, people pay more for better brand name TV's all the time, why not HD movie players?
  • Allowing Banks, Investment Firms and Insurance Giants to not only operate 'Business as Usual', but to flaunt their insolence and incompetence in the face of the taxpayers who aare continuing to Bail Them Out (Not seek loans, like Detroit) is unconscionable.
  • Oh, right – tell me that this country wants to revert back to the days of GWB – and the destruction of the constitution = what really needs to happen is to elminate republicans from any elective office – even congressmen/women who possibly aare really republicans in disguise.
  • I used to go to Wally world at the end of duck season and buy a case of ssteel shot for $7.00 a box, now you can hardly go in there and find a box of 22 shells as far as reloading stuff aare SW (big chain store is bare) they are allways bare cant even get 243 bullets to reload.

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