IPA: ˈɑrhɪs

Root Word: Aarhus


  • A city and port in Denmark, in East Jutland; the second-largest city in Denmark.

Examples of "aarhus" in Sentences

  • I study law at the University of Aarhus.
  • I arrived in Aarhus in the late afternoon.
  • North Docks to a part of the city of Aarhus.
  • He played for Aarhus for a further two seasons.
  • Aarhus is a centre for education on the peninsula of Jutland.
  • He transferred to AGF Aarhus in Denmark at the end of the season.
  • It is published by the faculty of science at the University of Aarhus.
  • By some definitions it may therefore be considered a suburb of Aarhus.
  • He lived a saintly life and helped the people in the area around Aarhus.
  • This is generally acknowledged to be an assimilation of the Aarhus Convention.
  • Alice's UA sends an INVITE message to Bob's SIP address (i.e. 'sip: bob@897s. aarhus.com').
  • You should think of them as the original To and From fields. sip: bob@897s. aarhus.com "); okMessage.
  • For some reason you'd think being short, ugly and round with dark hair would make you interesting and exotic in a country where all the men were tall and handsome with blond hair -and it does, but not enough for copenhagen or aarhus women to let you explore their saddle areas.

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