IPA: ˈɛrʌn

Root Word: Aaron


  • The elder brother of Moses in the Book of the Exodus, and in the Quran.
  • A male given name from Hebrew.
  • A surname transferred from the given name.
  • (archaic, thieves' cant) The leader of a group of thieves.

Examples of "aaron" in Sentences

  • Aaron, however, is unrepentant to the end.
  • Aaron is the son of Chastity Dingle and Gordon Livesy.
  • Aaron is the youngest member of Twisted Brown Trucker.
  • Aaron pushed to liberalize the telecommunications sector.
  • Aaron, you are not in any way required to cater to the hypersensitive.
  • Aaron's always in the trenches, an invaluable voice in a sea of tumult.
  • Aaron received an outpouring of public support in response to the bigotry.
  • Aaron brings the money at the agreed place, the warehouse of the Goudveyls.
  • Aaron is now an industrialist out to control the media and the US presidency.
  • Aaron is considered a type of Christ, the high priest of the new dispensation.
  • + 'aaron' [ 'my'brother'] + 'Christopher's'Non'Crucifixion'Initiative' [ 'Crew Survived'] + 'grail' {[]} 'veil'
  • March 13th, 2007 at 6: 26 pm im gonna guess that they are going to give hime the first name aaron instead of his middle name
  • VANews0verviews says: Flash air america, toyota recall, aaron zononi, …: air america toyota recall aaron zononi tornado in ventura googl …
  • How To: Choose and Set Up Hosted Exchange on iPhone ActiveSync kenny: "hi for some reason i dont get the Customize your firmware and Bootloader Files window, i ..." aaron: "i lost everything i cant even open itunes up anymore i have to start all over again ..."

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