IPA: ˈɑrp

Root Word: AARP


  • An American advocacy group focused on issues affecting the elderly.

Examples of "aarp" in Sentences

  • AARP is a huge and very influential organization.
  • It could be considered as conservative version of AARP.
  • The source seems to be theWikipedia article on the AARP.
  • To the degree it's just an AARP newsletter, it does not.
  • AARP is not an insurer and does not pay insurance claims.
  • It has also been featured in a story in the AARP Bulletin.
  • This group aims to provide a non liberal alternative to the AARP.
  • The AARP book is also available in Public libraries in the region.
  • This report was included in an Amicus Brief to the same court by the AARP.
  • It seems that issues related to the AARP are best dealt with on the AARP page.

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