IPA: ˈɛv

Root Word: AAVE


  • Initialism of African-American Vernacular English. [A variation of Modern English spoken predominantly by lower socioeconomic class individuals of African descent, usually in urban or suburban surroundings in the United States.]

Examples of "aave" in Sentences

  • It is foretold "Tabe Roos cheen Hind pe chad aave.".
  • I agree with Coffee and her Modha ma pani aave che!!!
  • June 8, 2007 at 10:37 am man I would not aave guessed!
  • LmUtnUp derivation of their aave, aad itfitw. of their htftory, vti. a6 1.
  • Simple but delicious dish you post .... trupti bija na modhaam ma pani aave tevu nahi karvanu ho.
  • Trupti, mane to eni sugandh ahiya sudhi aave chhe. bahuj saras healthy recipe. never tried it this way. now its time to make one. thanks for sharing. just got little free from regular chores here and starting with your blog to see whats going on around in the food blogger's world!
  • A violent quarrel between Mrs. Yew and her protegie, Miss Fallow - field, ibU COUKTIW AVD GEETEUBE. fiSS tdd, whom $be bad known in her Bbort residence at the pectory'-bOU8&-«tbe subesequent death ai the fiMrmer, and a wish that a situation could be found for tbe latter, to aave bear from starving, did not
  • Taxes are already close to 30% and we aave a deficit in the Trillions, only going to get worse with SpendObama and his cronies, and why do you think the government suddenyl released this study, because under teh so called "reform" there will not be money to pay for such a HUGELY important preventitive test as this...

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