IPA: ʌbˈædʌn

Root Word: Abadan


  • A port city in Khuzestan, southwestern Iran.

Examples of "abadan" in Sentences

  • It is the site of the city of Abadan.
  • There are about 50000 people living in Abadan.
  • Added a see also section with abadan, abaya, and aba.
  • In Abadan was one of the world's earliest oil refineries.
  • By 1911 APOC had run a pipeline from the find to a refinery at Abadan.
  • He found natural compatibility between that and the music of his home, Abadan.
  • After the war, the biggest concern was the rebuilding of Abadan's oil refinery.
  • KJ: AhhhhhhhhEh abadan u didnt: PI guess u r right but we all do the same and realize when we grow up or become mature.
  • Well, she is "cute" if she's take the natural approach of presenting shows, presenting herself and working more on her articulate skills le anno el dala3 o el maya3a mesh sexy abadan - yeah yeah Halema fans call me jealous!

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