IPA: ˈeɪbisi

Root Word: ABC


  • (uncountable, countable, usually plural in Canada, US) The English alphabet.
  • (obsolete, poetry) A type of poem in which the lines start with the letters of the alphabet in order.
  • (obsolete) A primer for teaching the Latin alphabet and first elements of reading.
  • The fundamentals of any subject.
  • (poker) A straightforward, uniform playing style, often focusing on betting for value, folding weak hands, and avoiding bluffing.
  • (UK, rail transport) A British alphabetized guidebook listing trains and their stations.
  • (computer languages) An imperative general-purpose programming language, intended for teaching or prototyping.
  • (mnemonic, emergency medicine) Initialism of airway, breathing and circulation: the essential steps in the immediate assessment and treatment of critically ill or injured patients. [(anatomy) The trachea.]
  • (US) Initialism of alcoholic beverage control.
  • (dated, sometimes derogatory) Initialism of American-born Chinese.
  • Initialism of Australian-born Chinese.
  • (business management) Initialism of activity-based costing.
  • (climbing) Initialism of advance base camp.
  • (biochemistry) Initialism of ATP-binding cassette.
  • (immunology, medicine) Initialism of antigen-binding capacity.
  • (pathology) Initialism of aneurysmal bone cyst.
  • (pathology) Initialism of adenoid basal cell carcinoma.
  • (pharmacology) Abbreviation of abacavir. [(pharmacology) An antiretroviral drug (trademark Ziagen) taken orally in the form of its sulfate (C₁₄H₁₈N₆O)₂·H₂SO₄ in combination with other antiretroviral drugs to treat HIV infections. It is a synthetic nucleoside analog that acts by inhibiting reverse transcriptase. It causes potentially serious hypersensitivity reactions in a small percentage of patients.]
  • (pharmacology) Initialism of accelerated blood clearance.
  • (computing) Initialism of Atanasoff-Berry computer.
  • (computing) Initialism of artificial bee colony. [(computing) A metaheuristic-based optimization algorithm inspired by the intelligent foraging behavior of honey bee swarms.]
  • (law, finance) Initialism of assignment for the benefit of creditors.
  • (electrical engineering) Initialism of absorbing boundary condition.
  • (object-oriented programming) Initialism of abstract base class.
  • (psychology) Initialism of adventure-based counseling.
  • (psychology) Initialism of affect, behavior, and cognition. [(psychology) A subjective feeling experienced in response to a thought or other stimulus; mood, emotion, especially as demonstrated in external physical signs.]
  • (cryptozoology) Initialism of alien big cat.
  • (automotive) Initialism of active body control.
  • (Christianity, informal) Initialism of Archbishop of Canterbury.
  • (television) Initialism of American Broadcasting Company: an American commercial broadcast television network founded in 1943.
  • (radio, television) Initialism of Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
  • (historical, radio) Initialism of Australian Broadcasting Company.
  • (historical, radio, television) Initialism of Australian Broadcasting Commission.
  • (radio, television) Initialism of Asahi Broadcasting Corporation.
  • (finance) Initialism of Agricultural Bank of China.
  • (publishing) Initialism of Audit Bureau of Circulations.
  • (UK, historical) Initialism of Aerated Bread Company.
  • (aviation) Initialism of Advance Booking Charter.
  • (historical, basketball) Initialism of Asian Basketball Confederation.
  • (historical, bowling) Initialism of American Bowling Congress.
  • (often attributively) Initialism of Argentina, Brazil and Chile: the three most powerful and wealthiest countries in South America. [A country in South America. Official name: Argentine Republic. Capital: Buenos Aires.]
  • Initialism of Santo André, São Bernardo do Campo and São Caetano do Sul: satellite cities around the city of São Paulo that form the most important industrial area in Brazil.
  • (US, rail transport) Initialism of Atlanta, Birmingham and Coast Railroad. [The capital city, the county seat of Fulton County, Georgia, United States.]
  • Initialism of American Book Center: an English-language bookstore in Amsterdam founded in 1972.
  • (Christianity) Initialism of Anglican Book Centre: the publishing house and bookshop of the Anglican Church of Canada until 2013.


  • (weaponry) Initialism of atomic, biological and chemical: the three main categories of weapon of mass destruction. [(physics, chemistry) Of or relating to atoms; composed of atoms; monatomic.]
  • (slang, of a piece of chewing gum) Initialism of already been chewed.
  • (medicine, of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma) Initialism of activated B-cell-like.

Examples of "abc" in Sentences

  • The second is based on the status of the ABC.
  • The level teaches preschoolers about the ABCs.
  • ABC acquired the rights to the Thanksgiving game.
  • He was awarded the ABC Sportsman of the Year award.
  • The arena serves as the venue for the annual ABC rodeo.
  • After checking the level of responsiveness, ABC is checked.
  • The ABC version of the policy as presently stated is enforceable.
  • Footage of the President vomiting was broadcast on the ABC network.
  • It is the official pollster for an ABC television network affiliate.
  • Hermosillo is the site of the tragic fire at the ABC child care center.

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