b complex

IPA: bˈikˈɑmpɫɛks


  • originally thought to be a single vitamin but now separated into several b vitamins


IPA: bkʌmpɫˈɛks

Root Word: B-Complex


  • Matia Lenická (born 9 May 1984), also known by the stage name B-Complex, is a drum and bass producer and DJ from Bratislava, Slovakia.

Examples of "b-complex" in Sentences

  • Nothing will happen, she can start taking a b-complex supplement.
  • With all my pregnancies I have taken a prenatal and a b-complex and a iron supplement.
  • For heavy LSD use, I could see a b-complex once or twice a day, but that should cost at most maybe $0.50 a day.
  • I take a multivitamin, plus fish oil, plus b-complex, plus a calcium supplement, plus I drink a lot of green tea.
  • A huge fan of alternative protein sources such as veggie burgers, beans, mock meat, tofu and nuts as well as liquid b-complex and vega supplements, the 27 year old says that
  • I spend about $3-4K per year on anti-oxidants, phyto-chemicals, resveratol supplements, coral calcium, b-complex, hyaluronic acid, etc… Often when I discuss my lifestyle with people they criticze it and tell me I may be hurting myself.
  • Add to that a few other things (extra b-complex; ester-c; a full-spectrum antioxidant complex with all the newest, latest, most expensive ones; DHA/EPA; phosphatadylserine; gincko biloba and other brain herbs; immunostimulants) -- add them all up, and I still cannot get there.

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