IPA: bʌbˈɪnski

Root Word: Babinski


  • A surname.

Examples of "babinski" in Sentences

  • The extensor Babinski reflex is usually absent.
  • It's called the Babinski reflex more often in the article...
  • Also with Babinski, he co wrote a book on cerebrospinal fluid.
  • Chaddock reflex is a diagnostic reflex similar to the Babinski reflex.
  • Andrew Babinski is the call screener and manages the master control center.
  • SSS Thrombosis Meningitis Headache, fever, vomiting, confusion, seizure, weakness of both LL with bilateral babinski sign
  • If a person suffers from left lower extremity paralysis, an elevated left knee jerk reflex, left babinski sign? en Español
  • Clinical features of MS  Weakness of limbs (UMN type)  Loss of strength  Fatigue  Gait disturbance  Exercise induced weakness  Spasticity  Hyper reflexia  babinski

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