IPA: bˈæbʌɫɑn

Root Word: Babylon


  • (historical) An ancient city in Mesopotamia, built on the banks of the Euphrates, which was the capital of Babylonia.
  • Any city of great wealth, luxury and vice.
  • (Rastafari) Western civilization, seen as corrupt and materialistic, and contrasted with Zion.
  • (Jamaica, MLE) The police.
  • An unincorporated community in Fulton County, Illinois, United States.
  • A town and village therein, in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York, United States.
  • (UK, slang, countable) A female breast.

Examples of "babylon" in Sentences

  • Then the two travel on to Babylon.
  • Babylon the recognized figure of Rome.
  • Homily on the Child Saints of Babylon.
  • Babylon is both historical and mythological.
  • The people of the earth mourn Babylon's destruction.
  • Babylon was occupied, and Babylonia reduced to vassalage.
  • Gog has also been identified as a cryptogram for Babel or Babylon.
  • December 12th, 2007 at 4: 29 pm wwbd says: the richest man in babylon
  • They are the offspring of one idolatrous fountainhead, ancient Babylon.
  • After the death of Alexander, Archon was chosen as a satrap of Babylon.
  • A second branch turned south east to Babylon via the Babylon extension.
  • i had no model. born in babylon both nonwhite and woman what did i see to be except myself?
  • The Green Hornet Trailer Puulaahi babylon 5 - September 6, 2009 added by tiki god | Images mcs+ to rate
  • Review, babylon 5, entertainment, news, scifi, scifi channel, tv series Hulu – Warehouse 13: Pilot – Watch the full episode now.
  • Review, babylon 5, entertainment, hulu, scifi, scifi series, writer, writing Hulu – Babylon 5: The Gathering (Pilot) – Watch the full episode now.
  • As a totally trivial aside the first time I saw babylon 5 my initial impression of the space ships was the Chris Foss look was being heavily used.
  • The wispers could also then be either people who are out of phase with current time as a result of an experiment, as it was stated in babylon 5 they are UNstuck in time and drifting from time to time.
  • Tagged with: a song of ice and fire • babylon 5 • batman • flashforward • george r r martin • harlan ellison • hbo • john picacio • john scalzi • joseph mallozzi • lou anders • masked • prometheus • pyr • rome • stargate • swords & dark magic • universe
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