IPA: bæbʌɫˈoʊniʌ

Root Word: Babylonia


  • (historical) The realm of Babylon in ancient Mesopotamia (modern Iraq), the Babylonian Empire.
  • (historical) The area of Babylon's empire, Mesopotamia itself.

Examples of "babylonia" in Sentences

  • Iran spread and blended with Babylonia.
  • Babylonia didn't even exist at the time.
  • He was a native of Babylonia and a pupil of Rab.
  • Babylonia spread and blended with the Roman Republic.
  • Babylon was occupied, and Babylonia reduced to vassalage.
  • Nusku was the light and fire god in Babylonia and Assyria.
  • Achaemenid Babylonia is a completely different field of study.
  • Foreign peoples invade Babylonia, but are struck down by plague.
  • The Problem of Agglutinative Discourse in the Talmud of Babylonia.
  • A citizen of the new major political power, a civilization of Babylonia.
  • Oh lord I'm deep in the depths of babylonia today.driving. now. to the work I woke despising.
  • Art history of the Sumerians and successor states. sumerians. akkadians. babylonia. ziggurats.
  • Pictures of ancient number systems being used in the world today? babylonia modern chinese hindu-arabic etc number systems find work 16 year old in kulai besar johor computer service have pass PMR examination?
  • He cringed to hear it—its hull grinding the calices of finger corals and the tiny tubes of pipe organ corals, tearing the flower and fern shapes of soft corals, and damaging shells too: punching holes in olives and murexes and spiny whelks, in Hydatina physis and Turris babylonia.

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