IPA: bækʌnˈeɪɫjʌ

Root Word: Bacchanalia


  • (Greek mythology) A feast or an orgy in honor of Bacchus.
  • Any wild, orgiastic party or celebration.
  • (by extension) Alternative letter-case form of bacchanalia; a drunken feast; drunken revels; an orgy. [Any wild, orgiastic party or celebration.]

Examples of "bacchanalia" in Sentences

  • The celebration is a Bacchanalia of the evil and demonic powers.
  • But I have never experienced Fat Thursday as such a bacchanalia.
  • The bacchanalia were originaly held in secret and only attended by women.
  • The bacchanalia were originally held in secret and only attended by women.
  • The term bacchanalia has since been extended to refer to any drunken revelry.

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