IPA: bˈækˈærʌs

Root Word: Baccharis


  • Baccharis Sunset Western Garden Book, 1995:606–607 is a genus of perennials and shrubs in the aster family (Asteraceae).

Examples of "baccharis" in Sentences

  • Eupatorium chilca (R. P.), baccharis scandens, and molina latifolia.
  • May 2008 with aerial application of herbicide to treat willow baccharis.
  • As of last week, all of the willow baccharis has been sprayed, Brown said.
  • The willow baccharis and saltcedar were the focus point last fall when I visited with
  • The Chief of the Sweet Odours, pale and long as a waxen torch, came up to Hamilcar to crush a roll of metopion in his hands, while two others rubbed his heels with leaves of baccharis.
  • Invasive brushy species include mesquite, saltcedar and willow baccharis, but the specific acreage and density of the different species had to be determined before work started, he said.

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