background noise

IPA: bˈækgraʊndnˈɔɪz

Root Word: Background noise


  • Background noise or ambient noise is any sound other than the sound being monitored (primary sound).

Examples of "background-noise" in Sentences

  •  In between songs, I hold the background-noise cancelling microphone with gentle fingers.
  • You can also cross-fade different tracks to combine them for an optimal, sleepy background-noise environment.
  • It was not the normal background-noise type of guilt that comes from just being alive this far into the twentieth century, and which Dirk was usually fairly adept at dealing with.
  • And most of the episodes of this story of a nanny who hops from one dysfunctional family to the next even more dysfunctional family are only a nice background-noise for a refreshing afternoon nap.
  • Because the signal is just above the background-noise level, WUSB is able to move a good amount of data without interfering with any of your other wireless gear, like a Wi-Fi router, a cell phone or a Bluetooth headset.
  • After reading about Safety Technology's combination voice-changer/background-noise gadget that connects to your phone (reviewed in Wired's must-read Gadget Lab newsletter), I looked at some of the other things that Safety Technology sells.

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