IPA: sˈikɫˈæmp

Root Word: C-clamp


  • A type of clamp used to temporarily fasten two objects together in carpentry and other crafts.

Examples of "c-clamp" in Sentences

  • To keep them from separating, I used a good old fashioned c-clamp.
  • We needed a large overhang off the countertop to attach the c-clamp but it was pretty easy.
  • You want something sturdy, possibly with a c-clamp attachment (or accessory) at the bottom to fix it to your counter.
  • You can do it, if you c-clamp yore j-jaw an 'remember that yore red haid is c-covered with g-glory an' you been given dominion. "
  • Last time it clattered like that, we took it in to be checked and it turned out to be a c-clamp on the muffler pipe that had come loose.
  • It wasn’t the class I had planned on taking, but it was great fun and I am still inordinately proud of the tool box and the beautiful c-clamp that I made.
  • The catch is, it's not as quickly disassembled as the c-clamp design, but at least it would look better, is sturdier and would save shelving space that the c-clamps take up.

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