IPA: sˈisˈɛkʃʌn

Root Word: C-section


  • Synonym of Caesarean section

conic section

IPA: kˈɑnɪksˈɛkʃʌn


  • (geometry) Any of the four distinct shapes that are the intersections of a cone with a plane, namely the circle, ellipse, parabola and hyperbola.

Examples of "c-section" in Sentences

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Examples of "csection" in Sentences

  • During my first birth, I was recommended a csection.
  • All of that raises the risk of fetal distress and a csection.
  • Midwives for example typically have a csection rate of 5% orless.
  • Does 1 in 3 children really die or suffer damage without a csection?
  • Due to an a horrible infection after my csection I had an emergency hysterectomy at 25.
  • Both mine were born via csection and thus were a bit sedated and never latched on properly.
  • Really though, I had a csection with the first and my second birth was so much more awesome, even with the vagina pain.
  • Complications from csection are more common than you might think, and the risk from death due to a csection are very real.
  • I also never got the hang of nursing on my side, due to being unable to be on my side for about 6 weeks after the csection, and then just not being able to get in a comfortable position.

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