IPA: kɑbˈɛɫ

Root Word: Cabell


  • A surname.

Examples of "cabell" in Sentences

  • References to other works by Cabell.
  • Cabell died of a cerebral hemorrhage in 1958.
  • Ai iz suddNlee vry happy Ai nao taht Ai haz noe cabell…
  • The city also serves as the county seat of Cabell County.
  • Although escapist, Cabell's works are ironic and satirical.
  • Random things geek hierarchy (via some of cabell 'archives)
  • Cabell also remained active in Confederate veterans affairs.
  • Cabell led this brigade in several engagements around Corinth.
  • Ai dew mirember awl teh cucaraches awn teh OLD cabell tb, tho.
  • Cabell became a commissioner for arranging military claims in 1758.
  • Cabell also wrote a number of autobiographical and genealogical works.
  • Printings after the first include an introduction by James Branch Cabell.
  • Cabell is best known as the leadoff hitter for the Astros in the late 1970s.
  • For more information, contact Niza Uslan at 304-528-5700, Ext. 137, or go online at cabell.
  • Els passats Nadals a casa ens vam dedicar a fer pastissets casolans per a tota la família, plens de cabell d’àngel.
  • Am drinking coffee from a mug s00j left behind, wearing a shirt I got at the clothing swap, and listening to my new cabell mix CD.
  • Part of me thinks that I'm doing all of that mostly because it's easier than attempting to do anything else, and the other half just wants to see the darn cats again (esp. after cabell 'recent post).

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