IPA: dˈækʌ

Root Word: Dacca


  • Archaic spelling of Dhaka. [The capital city of Bangladesh.]

Examples of "dacca" in Sentences

  • Dacca was made the provincial capital.
  • Dacca is now the free capitol of a free country.
  • Dacca had already been taken over by the Indians.
  • This was particularly true after the fall of Dacca.
  • The Kishorganj tanzeb was as prized as the Dacca muslin.
  • It was a kind of no man's land, dividing old and new Dacca.
  • Dacca now could only be defended by troops within the city.
  • From Narsingdi the road to Dacca would lie bare for IV Corps to take.
  • He was expelled from Dacca in 1756 while serving there as an assistant.
  • He witnessed in Dacca the signing of the surrender instrument by General Niazi.
  • Their wealth was their cattle, and their mealie or maize grounds; their food, beef, mealies, and curdled milk; their drink, beer, made of maize; their great luxury, snuff, made of dried dacca and burnt aloes, and taken from an ivory spoon.
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