IPA: dˈækaʊ

Root Word: Dachau


  • A town and a rural district in Bavaria, Germany.
  • (historical) A Nazi concentration camp built in 1933 near the medieval town of Dachau in Bavaria.

Examples of "dachau" in Sentences

  • Dachau had a special priest block.
  • He was in the group that captured dachau.
  • The picture of Dachau will also have to go.
  • Arrest and death in the Dachau concentration camp.
  • A cremation oven at the Dachau concentration camp.
  • Denied involvement in the Dachau concentration camp.
  • The depravity of Dachau is beyond description in the English language.
  • There's a cover for a book called "legacies of dachau" sitting on my desk.
  • The ICTY found the Dachau and Belsen jurisprudence appropriate to refer to.
  • There is a book written in Dachau but there is no ednorsment of Dachau in it.
  • Most links to Dachau actually should have a link to Dachau concentration camp.
  • But how else do you respond when Obama is compared to marching us all off to dachau death camps.
  • I've been to Dachau, it still has a very creepy, and unsettling feeling to it. dachau gave me a very eerie feeling just standing outside, let alone when i went in.
  • Oh, I dont blame you though, you worked for a government that saw the organized destruction of Catholics in the south, through work and reeducation camps that was done on a scale not seen since the end of dachau and treblinka.
  • Dachau is, however a nice place too and has the big advantage that the beer is very cheap at the annual volksfest! hey small town boy, yeah man i should have realised walking wasnt the way to go ... but seriously, from my own personal experience, dachau is far easier than freising. maybe it is only 45 mins but it felt like an hour, compared to dachau's 20 mins by s-bahn it was a trek as opposed to a dash. all i remember is that the days were so long while i was living in freising - you can ask any of the guys i was there with they'll agree - and part of that was two trips in and back from munich of, ok, 45 mins every day. dachau only took

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