IPA: dˈægdʌ

Root Word: Dagda


  • (Irish mythology) An important god in Irish mythology, portrayed as a father figure, king, and druid.
  • A town in Latvia.

Examples of "dagda" in Sentences

  • Elcmar was the steward of the Dagda.
  • The Clan's totem is the Dagda feline.
  • The Dagda desired her in carnal union.
  • During that battle she wounded the Dagda.
  • It is the administrative center of Dagda municipality.
  • The Dagda Mor then sends the Reaper to kill all the Chosen.
  • It may or may not be usefully incorporated here or at Dagda.
  • DAGDA is an ancient Irish name for the chief of the Celtic gods.
  • In this war, Ethal's kingdom is destroyed by the forces of Dagda and Ailill.
  • The leader of the gods for the Irish pantheon appears to have been The Dagda.

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