IPA: dˈɑˈoʊmi

Root Word: Dahomey


  • (historical) A former country in Africa, located in present-day Benin.

Examples of "dahomey" in Sentences

  • Dahomey faced a major economic recession.
  • He would not return to Dahomey until 1945.
  • The Battle was a turning point in the mind of Dahomey.
  • The Dahomey Amazons were also conspicuous in the battle.
  • In Dahomey mythology, she is the mother of all the stars.
  • At the time, Dahomey was also facing a major economic recession.
  • Benin is a modern country in Africa, the former colony of Dahomey.
  • Dahomey, on the other hand, possessed no cavalry but many firearms.
  • The council served as the executive and legislative branch of Dahomey.
  • Arrada was an important seaside fort in the former kingdom of Dahomey.
  • But have skills. nozibele Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 09: 48 PM EST oh. .pla leese ... if you were truly a fanboy you would know that catwoman has had several incarnations of the many years of her existance and some of them were african. eartha kit played the original cat woman on the batman series. and a amazon in reality was a female warrior from the kingdom of dahomey (ancient africa) i guess later it was used to identify with the amazon river down in south america. anyhoos - even if it was set in south america anybody from that place would be a person of color and NOT WHITE!

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