IPA: dˈeɪɫ

Root Word: Dail


  • The lower house of the Irish parliament

Examples of "dail" in Sentences

  • I'm on a dail up connection a very slow one.
  • Dail was charged for misdemeanor assault and battery.
  • The agreement still needs to be ratified by the Dail.
  • It is one of a number of txts passed by dail eireann.
  • The Dail and Senate debate and pass an ordinary bill.
  • The Dail website has access to all parliamentary debates.
  • Dail Eireann approve the terms of the treaty by resolution.
  • Especially from a person that authors a blog for the Dail Kos.
  • It can't be easy watching your job bequeathed in the media on a dail
  • The Dail and Senate debate and pass a bill to amend the Constitution.
  • Furthermore you can use it as your default search engine and speed dail search engine by ticking the boxes.
  • Point is, that it takes real integrity and courage to in order to deliver the dail news in our living rooms.
  • After two years of owning an iPhone, I just figured out a quick way to re-dail is to tap the call button without typing anything.
  • Skype looks like it will charge you to call someones cell by the minute, whereas Majicjack could care less, I can dail anything in the US for one flat rate per year.
  • To: info@pownetwork.org the photo richard guerra linked to a martial arts tag soryu karate, needs to be removed. secondly the interview in the dail u.t. paper is false,
  • SInce when do democrats not count votes!!!!!!! where is the outrage from moveon and dail ykos who in the past have called for voter disenfranchisement and petitions when there is SMALLEST sign of voter fraud!!!!!!! the obama people are the most hypocritical i have ever seen!!!!!!! hillary or bust!!!!!!!!!
  • Mike Hudack, chief executive of Web show distribution and services network Blip. tv, wants his aging aunt, a decade-long AOL dail-up user who only recently got a modern modem, to be able to sit down on her living room couch, flip on the television, and not be able to differentiate whether a TV show was created by a major network or "that guy in his garage."

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