IPA: dˈɑrwɪnɪzʌm

Root Word: Darwinism


  • Various concepts of development or evolution popularised by Charles Darwin's publication of On the Origin of Species in 1859.
  • The principles of natural selection set out in Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species (1859), more strictly defined by August Weismann and developed by other authors into a central part of the modern evolutionary synthesis.
  • Alternative letter-case form of Darwinism. [Various concepts of development or evolution popularised by Charles Darwin's publication of On the Origin of Species in 1859.]

Examples of "darwinism" in Sentences

  • There's an article on Darwinism.
  • Darwinism is scientific and refers to adaptability.
  • Social darwinism is about killing off the weak – it is disgusting.
  • America seems to be all about ME first., where social darwinism is taken to extremes.
  • I actually believe that darwinism is fully falsifiable, and it is falsifiable at this point.
  • By your own standard, neo-darwinism is a faith based idea that does not belong in science classes.
  • One is that people disinclined to believe in darwinism are less likely to choose a course where it is expected of them to toe the line.
  • (After all darwinism is right, dispite evidence.) 2 – See the theory of darwinism to have been challenged, but not consider that ID's level of evidence has increased.
  • That is, he does not say that neodarwinism makes Christianity irrational, but only that atheism can be rational given that darwinism is true, but that it could not be if it were not.
  • When a Creationist like Hovind says that "neo-darwinism is mistaken" it's quite clear what he means … that in his opinion the whole corpus of evolutionary biology is based on misconceived science.
  • Evolution isn't going anywhere, neo-darwinism is going to be 'modified' (redefined in a lot of ways, only to keep the neo-darwinism label) but remain around unless enough scientists want to eschew the label.
  • I think it goes beyond merely questioning abiogenesis – I've always been amazed at the shuffling that goes on, where neo -/darwinism is equated with evolution in its purest form (any biological change at all taking place from generation to generation).

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