data file

IPA: dˈeɪtʌfˈaɪɫ

Root Word: Data file


  • A data file is a computer file which stores data to be used by a computer application or system, including input and output data.


IPA: dˈætʌfˈaɪɫ


  • A computer file that stores data for use by an application or system.

Examples of "datafile" in Sentences

    Examples of "data-file" in Sentences

    • Several data-file icons floated at the bottom of the field.
    • This player enables audio data-file playback from both CD and DVD discs, and also provides easy access to network playback capabilities.
    • I gave it a try with 0.1.9 at actual the hsql-odb is build, but it has no content (data-file with table-structure or forms is missing - all sitting unused in the UNO-cache)
    • Perhaps I should define that -- an ebook is a work in the form of text that is supplied to the end-user in the form of a data-file that is independent of the medium used to transmit the file.
    • AT&T's email had suggestions including that I: "Consider using Wi-Fi when possible for applications that use the highest amounts of data, such as streaming video apps, remote web camera apps, large data-file transfers like video and some online gaming."
    • When Ahsoka is given a 'boring' mission to deliver a data-file to the Republic base on Maarka, she thinks it's just a routine 'milk run' that any pilot with half an hour's flight training could have pulled off ... that is until she runs into a hostile horde of vulture droid fighters in Maarka's asteroid belt!

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