IPA: dˈeɪtɫaɪn


  • (journalism) A line at the beginning of a document (such as a newspaper article) stating the place of origin and typically the date, and often written in capital letters.
  • Misspelling of deadline. [A time limit in the form of a date on or before which something must be completed.]


  • To attach a dateline to a particular document

date line

IPA: dˈeɪtɫˈaɪn

Root Word: Date Line


  • synonym of International Date Line

Examples of "dateline" in Sentences

  • No visible dateline or masthead.
  • Good evening and welcome to Dateline.
  • And it's not a timestamp, it's a dateline.
  • But they doubt it will cross the dateline.
  • That is why there was a dateline behind that.
  • Perhaps the problem is the international dateline.
  • At best, this is a paragraph in the Dateline article.
  • The dateline is the Supreme Court made that decision on June 25th.
  • June 2007 is the revised dateline for the completion of the project.
  • Dallas in a dateline will only mean a location such as Dallas, Texas.
  • Maybe I shouldn't have started this post with the word "dateline" ...
  • Crucially, Gannon, with a Qana "dateline" to her first piece, was there at the time - and lied.
  • This week's column carries what in the news business is called a dateline, signifying physical presence.
  • The dateline is also a possible answer for WHEN and WHERE questions and is evaluated using a special set of dateline rules.
  • CHOICE OF NAMES: In most cases, the name of the nation in a dateline is the conventionally accepted short form of its official name: Argentina, for example, rather than Republic of Argentina.
  • You then give reporters a ride into the jungle, providing what in the news business is called a dateline, which suggests an eyewitness account, and you encourage the gullible to disseminate only your version and its lies.

Examples of "date-line" in Sentences

  • The date-line upon the message gave the sending point as San Francisco.
  • He gave one look at the article, and then his eyes went up to the date-line.
  • "Regular correspondence," he muttered, as he noticed the date-line of the news-item.
  • Van Lennop stood quite still and read it again, even to the unintelligible date-line.
  • "I don't think you have very much money of mine here, Thwicket?" he continued, as he slowly wrote the date-line in the check.
  • Then I looked over my article on the battle of Phat Diem, so that I could send it out to be posted under a Hong Kong date-line.
  • So unless he was dragged off by the Loch Roosevelt-ness Monster and spirited across the International date-line...backwards...he better have a good explaination.
  • I was going to see the world, and I was one of an army of enthusiasts enlisted to instruct our little brown brother, and to pass the torch of Occidental knowledge several degrees east of the international date-line.
  • The Independent, which I infer from the date-line of a letter calling attention to its existence, is published at Pomeroy, Wash., proposes, bumbye, to "give a history of the robberies committed by Brann during the war."
  • My contribution went up today although it's already yesterday in Singapore, stupid international date-line, in which I talk about the guilty pleasure of Jeff Smith's Bone graphic novel series, the elegant graphic design of Shaun Tan's The Arrival, and Bruce Campbell's killer chin.

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