IPA: ˈɝθgɑd


  • a god of fertility and vegetation

earth god

IPA: ˈɝθgɑd

Root Word: Earth god


  • An Earth god is a deification of the Earth associated with a male figure with chthonic or terrestrial attributes.

Examples of "earth-god" in Sentences

  • Osiris was the offspring of an intrigue between the earth-god Seb
  • As earth-god he was a manifestation of the world-soul and controlled nature's powers.
  • This superb example of deductive reasoning delivered in the imperious manner of a self-appointed earth-god could only be The Pope.
  • _ Thus the account given in JRAS. 1842, p. 172, says 'male earth-god as ancestor,' but most modern writers describe the divinity as a female.
  • Osiris was the offspring of an intrigue between the earth-god Seb (Keb or Geb, as the name is sometimes transliterated) and the sky-goddess Nut.
  • Harsiesis was originally an earth-god who had avenged the assassination of his father and the banishment of his mother by Sit; that is, he had restored fulness to the
  • Perhaps the most interesting of the cosmogonic myths was that which conceived that Nuit, the goddess of night, had been torn from the arms of her husband, Sibû the earth-god, and elevated to the sky despite her protests and
  • And then the wheel would reappear, and Wolf Larsen's broad shoulders, his hands gripping the spokes and holding the schooner to the course of his will, himself an earth-god, dominating the storm, flinging its descending waters from him and riding it to his own ends.

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