IPA: ˈɝθgˈɑdʌs


  • a goddess of fertility and vegetation

earth goddess

IPA: ˈɝθgɑdʌs

Root Word: Earth goddess


  • An Earth goddess is a deification of the Earth.

Examples of "earth-goddess" in Sentences

  • Her hips no longer belong to a human but to an earth-goddess.
  • The Gondhalis are the village priests of Devi, the earth-goddess, who is also frequently the tutelary goddess of the village.
  • Kyrgyz takeover in 840 CE, they lost possession of the sacred earth-goddess mountain Otukan near their former capital, Ordubaliq.
  • The earth-goddess appears again when the child enters upon manhood, for at Brahman marriages in India, the bridegroom still says to the bride,
  • Some of the Khonds worship the sun-god; some the earth-goddess, and ascribe to her all success and power, while they hold particularly to human sacrifice in her honor.
  • Hades rules this world with Persephone – whom he abducted from the earth-goddess Demeter – and a number of other figures such as Thanatos, Hypnos, Charon, and Cerberus.
  • And the earth-goddess of each village was a separate form or part of the goddess, so that her land should only be tilled by the descendants of the cultivators who were in communion with her.
  • There remains only the teacher who becomes the earth-goddess for four men about to die, giving each sexual and emotional comfort, her soft derriere and ample breasts not unlike the succulent roasts and the gorgeous puddings.
  • For this reason the plebeians had to live outside the Roman city, which was all sacred ground, and the Sudras and modern impure castes have to live outside the village, which is similarly sacred as the abode of the earth-goddess in her form of the goddess of the land of that village.
  • In Virgil's account the prayer is made to Ceres, and we know that in imperial times, when the Ambarvalia became very closely connected with the worship of the imperial house, the centre of the cult was the earth-goddess, Dea Dia; but in the earliest account of the rustic ceremony which we possess in Cato, Mars is addressed in the unmistakeable character of an agricultural deity.

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