IPA: gmˈæn

Root Word: G-man


  • (historical) A US government agent fighting organized crime in the interwar years.
  • Any person working for the US government, especially in undercover work.


IPA: gˈægmʌn


  • A writer or performer of gags.

Examples of "g-man" in Sentences

  • Jingles looked down at the g-man and then back at Gun Moll.
  • The g-man has been one of our favoritest posters, so his thoughts intrigue us…
  • It was so close behind the hidden g-man that he could feel warm breath caress his ear.
  • GRACE: And joining us, another g-man, all three of these guys respected within the FBI.
  • One thing you definitely * don't* want to see in your fic: The words 'whelp', 'deadboy', 'g-man', and the like.
  • If their plan is sooooo great, why are they making themselves EXEMPT from the plan and keeping their current taxpayer paid great coverage? g-man
  • The g-man looked around and found that he was being watched by a pair of cold eyes set in a face that looked like a motionless mask of white porcelain.
  • We all hate murderers, gangsters and thieves, but there is nothing like the feeling one gets when a g-man takes down a powerfully corrupt icon of avarice.
  • Whether by luck or by design, the g-man dodged and stumbled his way in Gun Moll's direction with the raging Giselle hot on his heels, swinging her tangled hooks and using the trailing wires as a lash to torment her prey.
  • He hadn't even been sure of their exact location at the time he was blindfolded and with Jingles constantly doubling back to elude any possible pursuit it was impossible for the g-man to form even a rough guess as to where they were headed.

Examples of "gagman" in Sentences

    Examples of "gman" in Sentences

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