g suit

IPA: dʒˈisˈut


  • worn by fliers and astronauts to counteract the forces of gravity and acceleration


IPA: gsˈut

Root Word: G-suit


  • A suit designed to maintain the supply of blood to the head during violent acceleration.

Examples of "g-suit" in Sentences

  • I reached into my lower g-suit and pulled out my Skoal.
  • I then stuffed six evasion charts into my lower g-suit pockets.
  • Fits over the g-suit and covers the lower legs, chest, and shoulders.
  • I pulled out my map I still carried a pocket-sized one in my g-suit and looked at it.
  • I figured he was just running late so I changed into my flight suit and put my g-suit on over it.
  • After stuffing my g-suit pockets with the evasion charts, I strapped my 9 mm Beretta to my left side.
  • He wasn't even competent enough to hook up his own g-suit and LES connections for reentry, nor could he even recognize his home state when flying directly over it.
  • BUCKLEY: This is my g-suit. (voice-over): The g-suit is necessary to keep the blood flowing to your brain when we're pulling G's, the gravitational force that's exerted on our bodies when the jet maneuvers.
  • HAMMOND: All right, the first thing we'll do is we're going to plug in your g-suit down here to this receptacle, find your oxygen hose, practice putting your mask off or on and then, taking it off and then, just relax, enjoy the ride.
  • Sweat running and the left eye streaming and the mouth like a husk and the air pumping into the g-suit and squeezing my legs and the pelvic area as the force of the turn pushed me against the seat and held me there so that I couldn't move.

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