IPA: gˈɑ

Root Word: Ga


  • A Niger-Congo language spoken in Ghana and Togo.
  • A member of a particular ethnic group in Ghana and Togo.
  • (England phonology) Abbreviation of General American. [The form of pronunciation of the English language considered to be typical of the United States, largely derived from a Midwestern accent.]
  • (chiefly US) Abbreviation of Georgia. [A transcontinental country in the Caucasus region of Europe and Asia, on the coast of the Black Sea, often considered to belong politically to Europe. Official name: Georgia. Capital: Tbilisi.]
  • Abbreviation of Goa, a state of India. [A state in western India. Capital: Panaji.]
  • (chemistry, military) Abbreviation of German agent A, US designation for the nerve gas tabun.
  • Initialism of general availability. [A release of software which is good enough to be made available outside the originating company, to the general public.]
  • (aviation, general) Initialism of general aviation. [(aviation) The section of the aviation industry that excludes both military and commercial passenger transport; for example, sightseeing, pleasure flights, etc.]
  • (wikis) Initialism of good article.
  • (netball) Initialism of goal attack. [(netball) A player allowed in the centre third, goal third including the shooting circle.]
  • (software) Initialism of genetic algorithm. [(computing) A search heuristic that is based on biological evolution.]
  • (sports) Initialism of goals against.
  • (politics) Initialism of global affairs. [Synonym of international relations, commonly abbreviated as GA.]

Examples of "ga" in Sentences

  • Buffer gas is nonflammable gas.
  • The gas generator is on the trailer.
  • Forget the mole and the gas constant.
  • Gas is an additional cost to the renter.
  • The city is plentitude of gas and minerals.
  • Compressing the gas increases the temperature.
  • A 'buffer gas' is an inert or nonflammable gas.
  • The answer to this lies in the availability of the gas.
  • The residual gas is compressed and sent to the gas networks.
  • The carrier gas and the effluent gas are removed from the fluid bed reactor.

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