IPA: gˈeɪbriʌɫ

Root Word: Gabriel


  • A male given name from Hebrew.
  • An archangel associated in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, with carrying messages from God.
  • A surname originating as a patronymic.

Examples of "gabriel" in Sentences

  • He looks on approvingly as Victor and Gabrielle embrace.
  • Gabrielle returns to the church to gloat and say goodbye.
  • Cobra gabe gabriel aubrey gabriel ba gadgets gahan wilson
  • Gabrielle sobs quietly and releases the balloon into the air.
  • Gabrielle suggests that the gang burgle her father's mansion.
  • May the farce be with them! gabriel replied to comment from RBH
  • We are introduced to Gabriel, the Emissary Designate of the Nexus.
  • Later Gabrielle suggests that the gang burgle her father's mansion.
  • In the Abrahamic religions, Haizum is the horse of the archangel Gabriel.
  • Gabrielle is infuriated, and subconsciously pushes him out of the window.
  • I believe that the same rules will put him in the fact! gabriel Miami, fl
  • Gabrielle and Edie fight over the folder, but lose the papers in the tornado.
  • The archangel of this sphere is Gabriel, and the Cherubim is the Angelic order.
  • In software terms, maybe these are systems for debugging the ecosystem. gabriel
  • Work like a sea? admin Uncategorized gabriel fried, the prelude, william wordsworth
  • Write to Alexandra Berzon at alexandra. and Gabriel Kahn at gabriel.
  • During the Miraj the Prophet Mohammed's ascent into paradise, he was led by the angel gabriel and mounted on Buraq, his human-headed horse.
  • September 10th, 2009 2: 59 pm ET can you please find out the lucky mega million winner in san gabriel ca, at the 7-elevin store on 1200 garfield ave?

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