IPA: gˈædˈɑfi

Root Word: Gaddafi


  • A surname from Arabic.
  • Muammar Gaddafi, former leader of Libya.

Examples of "gaddafi" in Sentences

  • Gaddafi was ready now for an offensive.
  • Gaddafi a Libyan with curled hair is white.
  • For this much of the credit goes to Gaddafi.
  • Gaddafi was the youngest born into a peasant family.
  • Gaddafi has also emerged as a popular African leader.
  • Gaddafi has also emerged as a controversial African leader.
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  • Gaddafi has denied being in the area of the accident that evening.
  • Gaddafi is a joke, and there is no point in his quote being included.
  • Muammar al Gaddafi was born in a beduin tent in the desert near Surt in 1942.
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  • Outside the capital, rebel forces harried Gaddafi loyalists along the coastal road.
  • Arabnews. com reserves the right to remove any material that it believes may violate these Terms or Use, or any copyright or third-party rights. for god sake don't call gaddafi a daeee.
  • Engaging in an armed struggle against the heavily armed despot essentially took on gaddafi where he was strongest rather than taking greater advantage of where he was weakest - his lack of popular support.

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