IPA: gˈædzdʌn

Root Word: Gadsden


  • A surname.
  • A city, the county seat of Etowah County, Alabama, United States.
  • A census-designated place in Yuma County, Arizona, United States.
  • An unincorporated community in Boone County, Indiana, United States.
  • A census-designated place in Richland County, South Carolina, United States.
  • A small town in Crockett County, Tennessee, United States.

Examples of "gadsden" in Sentences

  • Gadsden Colors are maroon and gold.
  • Gadsden has a humid subtropical climate.
  • The station's city of license is Gadsden.
  • Gadsden had supported nullification in 1831.
  • He was also the designer of the famous Gadsden flag.
  • It operates a distance education facility in Gadsden.
  • Gadsden had been attending the demonstration as an observer.
  • Gadsden was elected as the governor, but felt he had to decline.
  • For more on the origin of the rattlesnake emblem, see the Gadsden flag.
  • Anniston and Gadsden are very similar in their heavily industrialized economies.
  • November 17th, 2008 at 5: 48 am business college gadsden says: business college gadsden …
  • Visit www. gadsden times. com / section / ncaa to do that now before team selections are made tonight for the men's field and Monday night for the women's field.
  • The principal at gadsden mid school wants to have a special ceremony because no girls at the school reported they were pregnant this year. he has also started summer school a week ago on saturdays.
  • The 9/12 protests were nice to see - gadsden flags "dont tread on me" waving on land we own as tax payers to which we need to pay fees and get permission to use - all while surrounded by heavily armed para-military police forces.
  • Severe Weather Alabama Severe Weather updates on Twitter RT @rbjbkb gadsden al was just featured on the weather channel. storms last night did not effect riverfest attendance or entertainment. #alwx Gadsden AL was just featured on The Weather Channel.
  • The current bulldawg spelling is an insult to lchs alumni who graduated before the spelling change. how would graduates of other schools feel it their school became the mayfield trojhanz, the onate nites, the gadsden pahnthzers, the alamogordo tygers, the deming wyldkats, the carlsbad kayvmen, the roswell kiyotes or the silver city fihtin koltz?

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