IPA: gˈiʌ

Root Word: Gaea


  • Alternative spelling of Gaia. [(ecology) The ecosystem of the Earth regarded as a self-regulating superorganism.]

Examples of "gaea" in Sentences

  • He and Gaea then had quite a few children.
  • The village featured the temple of Hera and Gaea.
  • Gaea then went back to being 'one with the planet'.
  • Gaea continued to guide the evolution of life on Earth.
  • The mammals were sheltered from the devastation by Gaea.
  • The two are last seen tending to a garden with Gaea pregnant.
  • B the by, yes, you are right about the Gaea power connection.
  • Shim'Tar used the power of the Girdle of Gaea to defeat Diana.
  • Gaea felt empathy for the lesser lifeforms and decided to watch over them.
  • She helped to train a lot of the younger wrestlers that were featured in GAEA.
  • That said, I'm glad to have a truly great American like Maya Angelou on Hillary's side. gaea in NC
  • Ddoe fues i'n gweithio'n arw yn yr ardd, yn chwynnu ac yn cymoni ar ôl y gaea 'caled' na geson ni.
  • Furthermore, for the aboriginal people who have been evacuated, gaea said they will be more vulnerable.
  • HTOT ex collectione Mbrelliana recitaf, sed omnes, qood miror, desont in gaea Caesarea his drachmis praedirite.
  • A new catadromous sme software anti gaea programma pay as you go foretoken, reverent anaplasty backstairs, low escort and appealing borago on infarction.
  • Hui-Wen Jin criticized that the regulation had given the governments with unlimited power and excluded the aboriginal people from decision making process. gaea reported that before the Post-Disaster Recovery Statue was passed

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