IPA: gˈeɪɫɪk

Root Word: Gaelic


  • Goidelic; any Goidelic language.
  • Irish Gaelic.
  • Manx Gaelic.
  • Scottish Gaelic.
  • Short for Gaelic football. [An Irish form of football played by two teams of 15 players each, who score by kicking or punching a ball into the opposing team's goal or over a crossbar and between two upright posts above the goal.]


  • Of or relating to the Gaels, the Goidel peoples of Scotland, Ireland, and the Manx, or their languages.

Examples of "gaelic" in Sentences

  • Today the Gaelic script and the .
  • Gaelic this and Gaelic that, so fair.
  • I speak Gaelic and that's no Gaelic word.
  • But there are still ethnically Gaelic people.
  • A gaelic historian is a historian of gaelic stuff.
  • The name may derive from the Gaelic word for porpoise.
  • I'll happily debate in Gaelic with you on the Gaelic page.
  • Mclaren is a nice name of scotch/irish/celtic/gaelic origin.
  • The name of the glen is a curious 'Gaelicisation' of the Gaelic.
  • This is in Gaelic with one or two words either in Gaelic or Latin.
  • In Gaelic, the vocative case causes lenition of the initial letter of names.
  • The years signify the last time these counties won the All-Ireland gaelic football championship.
  • We drove up to Bridie Dees (gaelic = Brighd ni Dige), with its colourful front of black and red and had a drink.
  • No argument there rg, however, in the context of N. Ireland, Irish gaelic is unfortunately for a host of reasons not for everybody.
  • Ever since I learned my name meant ‘friend’ in gaelic, My mind is in this state: ‘IrelandIrelandIrelandIrelanIrelandIrelandIreland’
  • If I were you what would be more worrying is the fact that not one state primary school has taken up the choice of gaelic lessons offered to them by Ruane last year.
  • i know what they are ... tis why i sent you the link about the surname. though there is a decidedly 'gaelic' element, as i am refusing to do this with anything other than a nice calligraphy pen? who shall ever know? rawr well here then ...
  • Translation will still be required in the other direction, ie from Welsh (and indeed Irish/Scottish gaelic) to English so I can't imagine it's going to cost that many interpretators 'or translators' presently working in this area their livelihoods.
  • If the latter, then, I think, there has to be an acceptance that what other potential speakers of the language get from it will be different from you - eg not an expression of your gaelic identity and history (and I that's only an educated guess, correct me if I'm wrong).

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