IPA: gˈaɪʌ

Root Word: Gaia


  • (ecology) The ecosystem of the Earth regarded as a self-regulating superorganism.
  • (Greek mythology) A Greek goddess, the personification of the earth, and one of the primordial deities from whom all the others descend.

Examples of "gaia" in Sentences

  • Gaia and observer self selection.
  • The gaia image is clearly better.
  • There is no source for that Gaia thing.
  • No obvious mention of it on Gaia Online.
  • It is an urban parish in the city of Gaia.
  • Gaia is the Titan and embodiment of the Earth.
  • This is the second promotion with a quest on Gaia.
  • If you are going to read about gaia, do some research first.
  • The whole lot of these mother gaia offending botonous creeps.
  • Any tips for reducing your impact on gaia around the homestead?
  • However, merging gaia hypothesis with gaia theory will do no good.
  • The Gaia spore concept states that Gaia can reproduce via space colonization.
  • It was a person on gaia who scams people out of their passwords by sending fake passwords.
  • That is why gaia put warning on the top of every pm (unless you CHOOSE to turn it off) saying never give out your password.
  • Between epigenetics, gaia theory, and otherwise, I find myself realizing that data is one thing, and models/explanations are another.
  • We can teach our children to learn the ancient Inca crafts of Morris dancing and human sacrifice that illuminate our oneness with Gaia.
  • The global economy places market norms - greed - above social norms, the health of society, and - of course - 'gaia' - the needs of the planet.
  • I'm sorry but what is about to be said, will not be reflected as a whole of Gaia Online but instead, this will be one of a User who has more of a clue about gaia than Bluebird did.
  • As clear an illustration as one is likely to find of the 'gaia' principle - that everything is strangely connected in some mysterious way, the earth having an underlying unifying intelligence.
  • Anything stemming from the morally bankrupt WWF should be rejected out of hand or at the very least looked upon with grave skepticism: these are the gaia lovers who sentence millons of Africans to a horrible malaria-infected death each year through their support of banning DDT. mhb23re at gmail d0t calm

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