IPA: gˈænɪʃ

Root Word: Ganesh


  • A male given name from Sanskrit used in India.
  • Alternative spelling of Ganesha [(Hinduism) A Hindu god of intellect, wisdom, gates, and beginnings, son of Parvati and Shiva.]

Examples of "ganesh" in Sentences

  • It has a well known Ganesh temple.
  • Thanks for setting the bot up, Ganesh.
  • Even Ganesh has moved on at this point.
  • Thanks Ganesh, will take a look into it.
  • Saroja and Ganesh then sneak out of the room.
  • Ganesh immersions are famous for this village.
  • Both Ganesh and Skantha compete for the mango.
  • He is the son of political stalwart Ganesh Man Singh.
  • Chocolateboy and ganesh continued to debate the matter.
  • But the captain of the ship is Ananth Nag and Ganesh of course.
  • Labels: karanji nevri neureo nevrio konkani ratala sweet potato naivedya prasad ganesh chaturthi
  • Animals like meercats can be given almost human intelligence, and creatures like "ganesh" are possible.
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  • Reply to this ganesh its good abut whatever the prime minister did we should accept this. so peace comes as soon as possible
  • + 'The City of Bountiful' [ 'of a County of Davis County'/'of a State of Utah'/'of a Country of a United States of America'] + 'ganesh':
  • We in the world of data processing are forever indebted to Dr. Gray and others like who remind us that our work is important and not as boring as it is made out to be. — ganesh
  • Stories about miracles created by this iconzed idol have been experienced in many households, and on this auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi, millions of people in India would be following a tradition of ganesh puja for

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