IPA: gˈænsu

Root Word: Gansu


  • A province in northwestern China. Capital: Lanzhou.

Examples of "gansu" in Sentences

  • The city is the cultural centre of Gansu.
  • I have found these governing Gansu so far.
  • Tibetans in Gansu say the same thing happened there.
  • The Gansu Corridor was the main route of the Silk Road.
  • This is the native dish to the Gansu province of China.
  • The eastern corner leads to Gansu and the rest of China.
  • His childhood was spent in Gansu and Shaanxi in bad company.
  • Taotao's remains will reportedly be returned to Gansu province.
  • Ma Buqing was in virtual control of the Gansu corridor at this time.
  • The capital of the province is Lanzhou, located in the southeast part of Gansu.
  • So don't be taken in just because a strange girl tells you she's a Hiroshima-gansu.
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  • Video Transcript: Reporter: He was pulled out feet first but breathing after being buried in a mammoth landslide in north western china's gansu province for 58 hours.

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