IPA: hˈɑ

Root Word: Ha


  • An ethnic and linguistic group based in Kigoma Region in western Tanzania.
  • The dialect of Rwanda-Rundi spoken by this group.
  • In Egyptian mythology, a god of the deserts to the west of Egypt, associated with the underworld (Duat) and pictured as a man wearing the symbol for desert hills on his head.
  • (Britain) Initialism of Highways Agency. [(Britain, historical) An executive agency of the Department for Transport in the United Kingdom with responsibility for managing the core road network in England; superseded by Highways England.]
  • (Hong Kong) Initialism of Hospital Authority.
  • (computing) Initialism of high availability.


  • (archaic) Alternative form of a (“have”) [(archaic or slang) Have.]

Examples of "ha" in Sentences

  • The tree has ramified and has grown bigger.
  • He has strong managerial skills and has gravitas.
  • He’d be what I call useful just now, Mrs.C. —ha, ha!
  • He has the same thick mustache, and even has the squint.
  • Deelite: 'I couldn't dance with another, * ah ha, ah ha*
  • That has changed, and so has the viability of the project.
  • * so I guess that means it isn't the end of story … ha ha*
  • It has the odor of cucumber, and has been identified in oysters.
  • The article has no criticism, yet has plenty of laudatory praise.
  • The convection has increased and the pressure has dropped in Florida.
  • I don’t think so McCain’s wife make more than a small country..ha! ha!
  • It has no odour, is greasy to the touch, and has a slightly glistening lustre.
  • It has the face of the Empress Elisabeth and has a dagger in the sacred heart.
  • It has appealed to people not to tamper with equipment that has been protecting.
  • Raising commercial activities (100-5,000 ha, increasing) 2008: 35,200 ha* 2015: 134,000 ha**
  • But it was, well, what it was, so I just kept my face buried in my plate, with an occasional soft *ha ha ha* for the Captain.
  • At this point the squire was laughing so noisily that Sophia had to stop; and his hearty _ha, ha, ha_! was so contagious, that Harry and
  • I believe "ha, _ha_," by the way, is an ejaculation confined entirely to thwarted villains in stageland; but if I am a villain, I'm not thwarted yet.
  • Not only has he blamed the Bush administration for every single failure of his own policies and implementation of these policies (stimulus, TARP, inept political appointments, climate change * ha ha*) ..... he has also been unable to accept his own culpability in these democrats losing their elections.
  • Costa Rica: Number of projects identified: 2 2008: 10 ha* 2015: 40,000 ha** Number of projects identified: 1 Peru: 2008: 320 ha* 2015: 77,000 ha** Number of projects identified: 8 Strong commercial activities Brazil: (> 5,000 ha, increasing) 2008: 15,800 ha* 2015: 1,3 million ha** Raising commercial activities Number of projects (100-5,000 ha, increasing) identified: 9

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