IPA: hˈeɪbɝ

Root Word: Haber


  • A surname from German.
  • (used attributively) German chemist Fritz Haber, who co-invented the Haber process for producing ammonia from hydrogen and nitrogen.

Examples of "haber" in Sentences

  • I agree with Haber on this point.
  • Haber will be along and he will fill you in.
  • The most common method is the Haber process.
  • The most popular method is by the Haber process.
  • Ammonia is readily available from the Haber process.
  • He went on to work at the law firm of Fagel and Haber.
  • Possession was expressed by the auxiliary verb aver haber .
  • For a time there is stability, but Haber goes on changing things.
  • You're absolutely correct that sometimes "it refuses to be squoze", and you're correct that my example of "haber" doesn't literally mean "should" in Spanish.
  • Haber received much criticism for his involvement in the development of chemical weapons in pre World War II Germany both by contemporaries and by modern day scientists.

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