IPA: hʌbˈɪɫʌteɪt


  • (transitive) To enable one to function in a given manner; to make one capable of performing a given function or of conducting something; to make one fit to fulfill a given purpose or competent to act within a particular role.
  • (intransitive) To qualify oneself, through a demonstration of ability, to function in a certain capacity or to act within a certain role.
  • In European institutions of higher education, to qualify as an instructor or professor, usually by defending a dissertation or similar project.
  • (US) To supply money to work a mine.


  • (obsolete) Qualified or entitled.

Examples of "habilitate" in Sentences

  • In a controversial new book on the effects of infidelity on married life, Men, Love, Fidelity, Miss Vaillant says her aim is to “re-habilitate infidelity”.
  • In particular, 224,051,000 pesos were invested in Las Lilas in 1997 to habilitate 8,865 hectares with 350 "animal units," that is, cows with calves, or horses.
  • By the end of the decade, even Kuhn had problems obtaining students from the university, and assistants found it necessary to habilitate at other institutions far from
  • There are many ways of alleviating the social, health and criminal justice costs of dependent heroin (and other drug) use, in ways that engage, support and habilitate offenders and drug users.
  • "Dumisani Ncamazama was given a golden opportunity to further re-habilitate himself outside prison, however he has misused that opportunity and must stay behind bars where he rightfully belongs for the rest of his life," Setsetse said.
  • Not wishing to be unduly controversial, but given what is happening in other parts of the world, maybe we should just save x-ty billion pounds and fast forward ten or twenty years and re-habilitate al-Qaeda into a political party and put them and their cohorts in charge in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • In Kathy's case, also known as Sara Olson, isn't it possible, as a question, for someone to change, for someone to rehabilitate or habilitate themselves, get on with their lives, lead a good life, be a good parent, and just by the nature -- it doesn't forgive the act they did -- but they may not be the same person they were 24 years ago.

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